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Energy & Climate Consulting


Breakthrough Energy and Climate Productivity

A specialist consultancy based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Garforth International Canada develops plans and strategies for large-scale and profitable business solutions through the implementation of energy productivity. 

We advise major multi-national companies, cities, communities, property developers and policy makers on competitive, integrated approaches that reduce the economic and environmental impact of energy use while mitigating climate change risks. We advise our customers on competitive, integrated approaches by utilizing detailed analytical costing and forecasting platforms.



strategic energy and climate initiatives by developing detailed business and feasibility plans for communities, colleges and industry.


 the economic and environmental impact of energy use and mitigating climate change risks through competitive and integrated approaches for cities, communities, policy makers, property developers, and major multi-national companies.


profitable business solutions through the development of Integrated Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Master Plans and other strategies that implement energy productivity.


Strategizing global best practices for your community, corporation or institution.


“Garforth International has been a valued long term service provider and advisor to our energy and climate initiatives, from supporting the development of our Community Energy Plan to guiding our implementation strategies ”

Municipal Planner and

Project Manager

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