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Meeting energy reduction targets while supplying our communities

Increasingly, industrial stakeholders are being asked to ensure their plans and processes will positively contribute to the wider goals of the communities in which they operate. Communities are a pivotal player in the global energy transition, collectively responsible for over 50% of carbon emissions affecting the earth’s climate. Thankfully, most have a goal to reach net zero emission by 2050.


Many industries have long recognized the many commercial, social and other, benefits of systems with net-zero emissions performance and are primed to take the lead in this innovative area.

There is a great opportunity for industry to integrate energy and climate plans with analytical rigour and simulation capability into their processes, including the wider integration beyond the boundaries of their sites and into the surrounding community energy systems.

Garforth International has worked with many manufacturers to explore the design of competitive developments with net-zero emission performance that would deliver substantial benefits to the wider communities.

Case Studies Coming Soon.

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