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Accelerating Impactful Energy and Climate Transformations.

Garforth International focuses on developing transformative energy solutions for post-secondary institutions, property developers, industry, and entire communities that deliver long-term positive economic outcomes and deep reductions in greenhouse emissions, along with resilient and flexible energy infrastructure.

We collaborate with our clients to develop Integrated Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Master Plans based on global best-practices.  These Plans create roadmaps to sustained breakthrough energy and climate performance. We also develop detailed business plans, feasibility assessments, policy guidance and offer implementation support for strategic energy and climate initiatives.

team collaborating to develop community energy plan, retrofit plan

We strive to ensure that all the plans and assessments we develop, while being transformative and aggressive, are supported by a rigorous technical and economic analytical platform and informed by real-world experience and best practice.  All are the results of active collaboration with our client teams, and all are specifically structured with successful implementation top of mind.

What Drives Garforth InternationaI?

Garforth International always seeks to engage forward-thinking institutions, businesses, communities, property developers and policy makers that are committed to creating and implementing plans at the scale and speed necessary to capture the opportunities of the global energy transition and meet the challenges of the climate crisis. 


Our Story 

Garforth International was founded in 1989 and over the past three decades we have developed dozens of energy and climate plans and supporting initiatives throughout the world.  From the start, we recognised that the final value of any plan is only as good as the degree to which it can be successfully implemented, which calls for alignment of multiple disciplines which must be reflected throughout the plan’s development.


Collectively, our team has decades of global experience in developing plans and strategies for universities and colleges, communities, developers, and industrial clients. Team members have diverse and extensive career experience in business & finance, community and group engagement, politics & public policy, regulatory and construction sectors, and workforce development.   We also bring an in-depth global understanding of the economic, institutional, and technical aspects of integrated energy systems. Combining this expertise, we create rigorous analytical and engagement approaches that allow for the simulation of multiple scenarios and options that inform decisions at all levels, ideally leading to sustained implementation at the necessary scale and speed.


We realize that the gap between planning and implementation is wide. While hundreds of organizations have ambitious energy and climate plans, most have neither the analytical rigour nor stepwise implementation strategy to move forward effectively and ultimately they fail to deliver on their own goals. In response, Garforth has developed a flexible range of services that closes the gap between visionary energy and climate targets and mobilizing the leadership and resources to deliver on our clients’ transformative goals.


Garforth International Canada Inc. was formed in 2020 to more efficiently provide our services in the Canadian marketplace.  Garforth International is based in Toledo, Ohio and Guelph, Ontario.

Join the global energy transition.

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