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Town of Oakville

Community Energy Plan (CES)

In 2017, the Town of Oakville teamed with Sheridan College and Garforth/Baumann, to develop a comprehensive Community Energy Strategy to support its reputation of being “The Most Livable Town in Canada”.  In addition to meeting the Federal and Provincial climate mitigation expectations, the CES aims to be a major factor in attracting new investments and creating high-quality employment.


During 2018, the detailed mapping of the community and buildings energy use, supply, emissions, and costs was completed, spread out over 26 Energy Planning Districts (EPDs) creating an energy profile from the Baseline year of 2016 and modeled year-by-year to 2051. The Base Case projection considered business-as-usual activity but did include anticipated population and growth expectations. A comparable detailed assessment of the transportation energy and climate impacts was completed. The Oakville Energy Task Force took ownership of the project and presented the Oakville Energy Strategy to Town Council in early 2020, achieving unanimous endorsement. The Town is currently working to incorporate and staff an implementation management office, Future Energy Oakville, to guide the plan’s implementation.

Oakville - Community Energy Strategy
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