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Gerd Fleischhammer

Sub-contractor to GICI
Principal, Ingenieurburo Gerd Fleischhammer (IGF)

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Gerd has more than 25 years’ experience in Campus and City Master Planning, including projects with district heating strategies. 


Gerd performed the energy, environmental and financial integration on multiple projects as part of the Garforth Team. He has worked on more than ten IEMPs in North America since 2008. He has worked on similar projects in Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia since 1988. Gerd is working with the Garforth Team developing the CEPs for the Town of Oakville, Ontario and the City of Brampton, Ontario.  

Mr. Fleischhammer is working with the Garforth International Canada Team on the Residential Energy Efficiency Retrofit program for the Town of Newmarket, Ontario, and the City of Windsor, Ontario as part of their CEP implementation strategy. He is also working with the team on other integrated energy master planning projects in Ontario (details confidential), with goals to create Net Zero / Near-Net Zero neighborhoods and developments.


Gerd Fleischhammer has many years of experience in the development of Energy Concepts and Master Plans, especially involving integrated energy solutions for campuses and communities. His work on community master planning has included energy efficiency solutions for buildings and neighborhoods, with many projects including primary schools, high schools and colleges. In this context, he also developed strategies for efficient energy generation and supply with district energy, based on both cogeneration and renewable sources.


Mr. Fleischhammer holds a Dipl.-Ing. (M.Sc.) Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Before starting his own consultancy, Gerd held positions as the Assistant to the Department Head at Energieconsulting Heidelberg GmbH, in Heidelberg, Germany from 1988 to 2003, where he was instrumental in the development of energy and climate protection concepts for communities, including energy savings and supply solutions. He helped to develop energy strategies and district heating concepts for cities in Eastern Europe, consulting within the framework of the liberalization of energy markets and energy purchases. In 2004, he joined GA-tec Heidelberg, with the Department of Energy Controlling as Department Head. In this role, he provided technical consulting for energy generation and supply projects. He also worked extensively with Energy Performance Labelling and Quality Control. He led the energy supply and integration assessments in more than 15 projects in the last ten years in the U.S. and Canada, including Arlington County Community Energy Plan, Drexel University IEMP (Philadelphia), Humber College ICEMP (Ontario), Sheridan College IECMP (Ontario), and City of Windsor CEP (Ontario).

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